Therapeutic Relationship 

In the therapeutic relationship I view my clients from a place of collaboration as equals, human to human. I believe that all people (including children) have internal wisdom in how to self-heal and grow, and view and experience life in the best way for them. As a member of this therapeutic relationship, my goal is to create a space for you to explore your own experiences, feelings, beliefs and relationships while giving a voice to all parts of yourself as you welcome them back to a place of compassion.

Specialty Areas 

Please press one of the buttons below for more information. While certainly not exhaustive, this covers the majority of services I offer. If you do not see yourself fitting into one of these, or they do not describe what you are seeking in the way of therapy, please contact me so we can talk further. 


I strive to create an environment of acceptance, support, and understanding for all of my clients, including those who identify as GLBTQ. In honoring the Safe Space concept through my own training and personal support activities, I intend to always have a space where any person can be themselves and find their place on their own path to acceptance.

Individual Therapy 

Congratulations on considering investing in your well-being by looking into individual therapy. I know the courage it takes to take this leap! During our first sessions, we will map out your ideas of what your therapy will look like including your goals for our time together.

Couples Therapy

In working with couples the relationship becomes the client as we navigate through the reasons the two of you are considering therapy. I work with couples of all ages, in all stages of relationships including same-sex couples. Connection is what we as humans all crave. I look forward to working with both of you as you explore your relationship and the unique qualities and experiences each of you add.

Counseling for Children and Adolescents

There are many reasons children and adolescents may need therapeutic support in their young lives. I provide a space where children can explore their worries, process their experiences, own their behavior and find their voice. As a parent, I know how difficult it is to take this next step in asking for help for your child, and I will be happy to provide more description of what child therapy can look like, as well as answer any questions you may have as you consider seeking help for the most precious ones in your life.

Family Counseling 

Our transitions and experiences within our family systems can sometimes leave us feeling disconnected and lost even when we are the parents. Family counseling can offer a place where we can sort through these issues and reconnect within our systems.

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