PTSD and Trauma Recovery 

Our wounds can come in many forms and traumatic experiences can mean different things to different people. Your experience is unique and your therapy should be just as unique while honoring those experiences. Together we can walk into your darkness and shine the light on the experiences that hold you in pain and shame as we also honor the ways in which you have protected yourself along the way. I work with both children and adults who are recovering from traumatic experiences including childhood abuse, sexual trauma, natural disasters, military experiences, family member death or injury, violence, divorce, adoption or any experiences that carry the meaning of being traumatic for you along your life path.

Complex Trauma 

Complex trauma can be defined as prolonged and repeated interpersonal trauma. These are the traumatic experiences that have become interwoven with your identity as a person. These experiences can include childhood physical, emotional or sexual abuse, torture, neglect, long term medical conditions and painful medical interventions, foster care and adoption experiences, and human trafficking. This type of therapy traditionally may be a longer road of recovery, but you do not have to walk it alone. I foster an environment of gentleness and compassion as we explore the darkness of these traumatic experiences and welcome all lost parts of ourselves into who we are today.

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