Growth even if you cannot see your roots

Roots matter...

Finding the connection to your roots

Adoption-Related Experiences 

As an adoptee myself, I wanted to create an environment that is unique to the experiences of birthparents, adoptees and adoptive parents in honoring the culture of adoption. In addition to becoming trained as an adoption competent therapist, I interviewed many birthparents and adoptees finding out that out of such a small population, we have a great percentage of members who seek therapy. What I found through my research is that due to lack of education, or the preconceived views of adoption sometimes held by therapists, the individual’s adoption experiences were often times lost in their therapy work. Many people left therapy feeling unheard, misunderstood and alone. In my work with those affected by adoption, each experience is treated uniquely as we explore the residual effects of loosing a child to adoption, being adopted, or adopting a child into your family. Together we can create a space for your voice to be heard as you invite the feelings surrounding your adoption experience to be present, expressed and embraced in compassion.

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